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In fact, I was first to expose the “Men-Of-Fear” for what it is; a bunch of insecure losers suffering from CIGD (Chronic Inner-Game Deficiency), so severe that not even the best Pick-Up Artist has the prognostic tools to cure such ailment.To those not in the know, let me shed a bit of light on what the Men-Of-Fear (Manosphere) is [at least my take on what is is]: It was hatched with good intentions, and spear-headed by Roosh V, a controversial Turkish Americanized Pick-Up Artist guru out of DC, who’s been lobotomized so badly, that he’s scared shit to even admit that he’s a PUA [fearing the Feminist bogeyman hiding in his closet].But Roosh is undoubtedly a PUA [and we all know it], although he indirectly panders to feminists.Like if you can get her to qualify to you that she’s a good cook, then she’ll think that you like her for more reasons than just that you want to get laid with her. But there’s a problem with getting the girl to qualify herself to you.And that’s that as a tactic, But really, that’s like the last headspace you want to be in when you’re out.

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