Tv show dating a prince

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Birch recently opened up about being on the show and answered the biggest question of all: Are she and Matt still together? It was actually kind of refreshing to hear him say that he’s just the normal guy I really was hoping he was.” Q: The show was filmed last August and September. ’ A: “The thing is, I’m in New York and he’s in England — so, physically, it’s hard to see one another.Q: In the finale, you seemed absolutely shocked that he wasn’t Prince Harry. We got to spend a nice weekend together in Palm Springs several months ago.He is joined by a fellow Englishman, the from an estate in Yorkshire who at 23 is mostly overwhelmed by his housemates yet seems perhaps the most genuine of all of them in actually wanting to find a girl to settle down with.PHOTOS: The 100 Fresh Faces of Fall TV Also in the group is Prince Salauddin Babi of India, who might not be the most handsome of the bunch but has a certain charm despite his snobby dismissal of so many things.Instead, it was Prince Harry lookalike Matthew Hicks, an average English “bloke” given a royal makeover, trying to convincingly act the part so the women don’t find out who he really is. Kimberly Birch didn’t really think she would “Marry ‘Harry’” so she’s not complaining that he turned out to be more pauper than prince.

“The lengths that they went to to get us girls into the mindset that we could be dating the prince was brilliant,” says Birch, who’s also 24.

“I’m very happy with the outcome,” says Birch, the winner of Fox’s dating show “I Wanna Marry ‘Harry.’” The series sent a dozen American women to an estate outside of London to vie for the affections of a dead-ringer for His Royal Highness.

In reality, the faux Harry who picked Birch in the finale is a 24-year-old environmental consultant named Matthew Hicks.

"Sal," as he prefers to be called, is used to a palace with 50 servants and makes quick claims to his own bathroom upstairs, denouncing the idea of sharing a bathroom as unthinkable.

While some might see this as pretension, others in the men's relative age group (late 20s to early 30s) might well agree.

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