Single truck driver dating

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We had great sex but had not other mutual interests.

So hence you need a whole rather than a half for a great relationship.

Kelly returned in season 7, and on season 9, she was working in Darrell Ward's new company before his death following season 10.I would like to know what you women think about the subject. Also some lessons I learned from my previous marriage. I am perfectly flexible to molding into the days plans that are on schedule when arriving home and taking care of all the necessary household chores that need to be accomplished. But I find it to be great in the physical side of the relationship because it makes it way more passionate.I am home usually every week there are occasions when I get stuck out on the road for longer than 4 or 5 days. There was no rut on that side of the relationship with my ex. We both learned that mutual interests are a must for the relationship to stay strong. Our interests changed as we got older and soon we were going opposite ways when I returned home.It's impossible to have a real life because you're always on the road. It's a 10-week program to get the certification, and by the time mine was over, I had a job lined up with a company.Even on the days off, when you want to spend time with your family or your friends, you have to sleep and do your laundry and go to the grocery store to get snacks for the road and then, before you know it, you leave again. Some companies will even pre-hire you and pay for your training, which makes it really easy to break into the industry. The starting pay isn't great, but you can move up the pay scale pretty quickly.

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