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I have a sharepoint 2010 portal without AD sync connection. When I login with for example testuser1 everything is working. When you add a user to a site, in the User Information List is added element, containing information for the user at that moment. When I created a task with testuser1, I would expect an email, but I didnt get it. As I understand you are not using profile syncronization - so you have only the information in the User Information List.And that's it - no further updates are made to this information, unless you manually edit it.For example in the AD there is user with You add John to a Sharepoint site and in the User Information List is added the information above.

Self service Active Directory Update offers a "Drag-n-Drop" customizable web interface, which puts more control in the hands of IT administrators/help desk, allowing them to standardize the format of end-user directory profiles.

Now the primary address for each user who's mailbox has been disabled shows as [email protected] of the usual [email protected]

The primary address was fine before the mailbox was removed from the exchange.

To achieve SSO AD Federation Services (ADFS) need it should not be a domain controller.

More specific system requirements are available on this Microsoft Technet website: Requirements.

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