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They are a disgusting lot to watch, and not particularly entertaining).

True to family form Willie nominated Frank, who looked a goner after the first week.

Memphis Garrett won the ,000 consolation prize even though he received zero votes.

Jerry may be a crazy bastard, but he pretty much summed up why Dan and Memphis made it to the final two.

Over the past year I have been carefully watching Gamers Outreach, a non-profit dedicated to helping kids in Children’s Hospitals.

Back in February I met the founder of Gamers Outreach, Zach, at an event he put on at Eastern Michigan University, and I was really impressed.

The guy was nominated six times, every time it was possible to do so, and would have been nominated more times had he not won the Head of Household competition on three occasions.

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We could have handled them one at a time; two of them, we couldn’t handle,” he said. “I hope you respected me because I respected you, Dan,” Jerry said, forgetting, apparently, the whole Judas thing.You can see what Dan is up to on his Daily Vlogs ( Gheesling), on his blog ( or on Twitter (@Dan Gheesling).Last post I talked about Adam’s gaming marathon and how awesome of an event it turned out to be.Keesha also won the ,000 America's Choice Jury Prize at the live finale.Retrieved from Keesha is a blond bombshell originally from Sterling, OH.

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